Six of Hounds

A comedic larp of romance, property lines, and ancient rivalries set in an unspeakably quaint English Village.
Eat pie and die dramatically in this short party larp.
The wild reality show competition for ordinary folks who are not vampires! A short larp.
Tell the truth and you'll doom yourself, but maybe save the nation. An absurd larp about journalists and dictators.
A cozy larp about friendship, arts and crafts, and saying goodbye. Playable in person or online.
Bolivia, 1971 - Six CIA officers are engineering a coup. A larp about power, corruption, and love.
A grubby troupe of Renaissance actors take their new play on the road
Grandpa was an opinionated, impulsive asshole. But he’s dead. He’s also coming to the family meeting.
First one to Wikipedia's Philosophy page wins!